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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ryker 20 months

At this point I could wait until 24 months but I've got time and I don't want to forget anything!
This little guy is growing so fast!

Your favorites are mandarin oranges, pears, mashed potatoes, and fruit snacks! We actually have to limit you to two a day otherwise you would eat them non-stop.

You still nap once a day 1.5-2.5 hours. You're a great sleeper, but you're such a mover so no one can lie next to you for too long. You have no problem sleeping in the car, I wonder who you get that from...

You love, love, love reading! You're favorite on Sundays is climbing up in Grandpa Hummer's lap with books. You pick the same ones over and over again. Lately, you've also started "writing" and coloring, so cute!

You really don't care for veggies- AT ALL! We keep trying them but you really want no part in them at all.

You loved Halloween this year! Once you figured out that people were handing out candy you would knock on the door before your brother got the chance!

You love your brother and enjoy following him around. You try to climb into bed with him every night and I think he'd let you stay if we let you. You've also mastered climbing in our bed! Luckily you sleep 9-7 or 8 so we don't mind you popping in each morning.
  Ryker you keep us on our toes! You've emptied a wipe container or two, and love shredding tissues. You are very sneaky and quiet!

You also get so excited when we bring in Bane. You squeal in delight when he gives you kisses. You love to lay down just so he can get closer.

 You're about 24 lbs. holding pretty steady on that lately, but you've been growing much taller and getting leaner. You're in size 18m- 2T pending on the brand but still in size 4 diapers. I have a feeling potty training will come earlier than your brother, you're very interested in the potty!

You really don't say a whole lot words, mama, dad, ball, up, and almost grandpa. But you know SO many! I think by two you'll be non stop talking! We'll see soon!

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