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I'm a mid twenties girl. Who has the cutest two boys ever. I'm married to the best hubby ever (aka the Man). I'm also a teacher of sixth grade with a masters degree in Education. I'd rather be busy than bored. I love things bright and beautiful and my family means the world to me.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dear baby boy,

It's been over 37 weeks! You could be coming any day now and your dad and I are so excited. It's crazy to look at how you've (okay I've) grown.
 12 weeks
 24 weeks
 30 weeks
37 weeks

Dad has been working so hard at getting the basement ready for your big brother, Tucker's room. He's still in his bedroom, your future nursery. Your room is painted, clothing washed and in the dresser, diaper bag packed, and just a few things left to buy. On Friday I left school kind of hoping that it was my last day there. I'm so ready to meet you!

We are still waiting to pick your name. It's always been between Ryker and Tank, middle name is James after my dad. Either way I know you'll get called Tank either as your "official" name or nickname. The other night dad was awake and woke me just to say, "I think we should call him Ryker." We'll figure it out I promise!

You've picked up on our schedule for the most part. Shortly after I wake up you do some kicking. Around 9 or 10 you have another nice round. Then during lunch or right after. On our ride home from school you bounce along, I think it's because you hear your brother talking. Then during dinner when dad starts talking, you start moving. My favorite time is when we're laying down at night and you kick as if to say good night. 

Tucker can't wait to see you. He's going to such a good brother to you. He already talks about all the things he wants to teach you. I hope you're ready to ride a bike, jump, say please and thank-you, and of course make all the best motor noises.

I love you little man, so much already. See you soon,
Love, your mama

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

37 Weeks!!


How Far Along? 37 weeks today!
Size of out sweet lil' man?  a watermelon until the end!!
Maternity Clothes? Could there be anything else?
Weight Gain? At my appointment yesterday I found out the number... the total gained number, okay I really just sat there and did my own math. Luckily this guy is so worth it and more, but not much more ;)
Stretch Marks? Yep, might as well be honest right?
Gender? Boy, boy, oh boy!! 
Sleep? Hit and miss still, I crash easily when I hit the bed, but usually at 4 I'm up for an hour or two laying, thinking, planning..... just like last week
Food Cravings? not really this week
What I Miss? Running,running, deep breaths, and even fast paced walking
Symptoms? The nesting feelings have all set in, but with room arrangements and space, plus energy level it's not all getting done, unless you count nesting in my classroom
Belly Button? Popped!!
Best Moment of the Week? My sub is hired! The crib was moved upstairs and I've been picking things up that we need for the hospital and first few weeks. Just looking at our semi-packed bags is exciting!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pregnancy Comparison

With this being our second pregnancy people always ask how things are compared to the first. I really started thinking about it lately and you would think based on old wives tales or common beliefs that we weren't having two boys.

First trimester
  •  We didn't know we were even pregnant until late into my second month. Surprise!!!
  •  At the start of my third month it was when the "girlies" started to grow, and grow. 
  •  Felt great health wise, emotionally I was a roller coaster. So much worry and what if's.
 Lil' man
  • Knew we were pregnant right away, had been tracking ovulation and actively trying.
  •   "Girlies" started growing right away, luckily no one put it together before we announced.
  • Lots of nausea, so many days I just wanted to lay and not move. Emotionally I was so psyched and rushed to tell our super close friends and parents.
Second Trimester
  • Slowly spread the news, while the Man and I were getting more excited and our parents, we had some judgement from others ( we weren't married at the time, hello old school thinking)
  • The smell of fresh mowed grass made me nauseous
  • Started craving and loving ice pops. 
  • Felt great, no maternity clothes needed yet.
  • While he moved a lot we easily saw it was a boy, placenta was in front so we'd feel less front kicking.

 Lil' man
  • Announced on Facebook, told students, shared with teachers, shouted from the roof tops.
  • Got over all nausea, but still had some car sickness
  • Started showing, wore the "belly band" a lot and didn't fit in some shirts anymore.
  • Shortly into the ultrasound found he was a boy then he moved constantly from that point on. Placenta in back so less rib kicking, more bladder attacks.
Third trimester
  • Between class and coaching schedule had plenty of times for naps.
  • Spent hours researching, reading books, trying to find out everything we needed to know.
  • Kept swimming while coaching. 
  • Felt really good the whole time. Except for lower sciatic back pain.
  • Super excited for him to come, a few baby showers, setting up the "nursery" space in the apartment.
Lil' man
  • Sunday naps, much more busy with full time job and Tucker
  • Reviewed books as needed, relied more on our doctor, spoke to other moms
  • Researched all the new toys and supplies
  • Definitely more tired this time around, more anxiety with this guy- still
  • Sort of setting up his space, but trying not to crowd his brother will his "big boy" room is being finished.
 Births (only one for now)
  •  No early signs, contractions, or close calls
  • Had membranes stripped by OB on Friday, 11th
  • Lost mucous plug that night (TMI, sorry)
  • Went for a long, cold walk with the Man
  • Started contractions late Friday night, Tucker came at 11:55 Nov. 12, his due date after two pushes!! Epidural was wonderful!!!!
Lil' man (so far)
  • Started having Braxton Hicks at 36 weeks, mostly on days where I do a lot
  • Swollen ankles, but rare back pain.
  • We'll have to see.....