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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Our big guy!

I've realized that with all this talk of the upcoming birth of our little guy I haven't mentioned my "big" guy lately.

Tucker, you truly make my day. This year has brought big changes for you, first one being kindergarten-
You love school and are doing very well. You excel at math (just like mom and dad). You love to draw and  would draw for hours if we let you, sometimes at night you stay up and draw us pictures.

Right now you are very into watching "Wild Kratz" on PBS.

You sight so many animal facts. And one of your favorite questions to ask everyone is what their favorite animal is. Currently yours is the cheetah because "it's the fastest animal on the whole earth"!

You picked out your second, "big brother" shirt.

The closer we get to his birth the more questions you have. The other night at dinner you asked how the baby was coming out? And you keep wanting to know how close we are to April.

Some other interests you have are bey blades, wanting Dino Lego's, and anything camo:

Your favorite place to eat is Subway, but you call it "Eat Fresh" instead. You also still call Toy's R' Us, Toy's For Us, we refuse to correct you, its just too sweet!

You're the second tallest boy in your class, the teachers remark how polite you are and do well playing with anyone, any time. You make me so proud when I see you playing with others and being kind.

You are an amazing little boy, that make me and dad proud, you make us laugh, could ask questions all day, we can't wait to see how fantastic you are with your brother, he's so lucky to have someone like you!

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