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I'm a mid twenties girl. Who has the cutest two boys ever. I'm married to the best hubby ever (aka the Man). I'm also a teacher of sixth grade with a masters degree in Education. I'd rather be busy than bored. I love things bright and beautiful and my family means the world to me.

Monday, August 31, 2009

The hubby's let down.

For some reason in my naive mind I always thought that when I got married I would immediately become the best housewife ever. Our house would be sparkling clean, I'd make dinners, fold laundry, take care of the kiddos, and volunteer or teach, maybe do swim lessons. For some reason I guess I pictured a stepford wife. So tonight, while procrastinating some school stuff, I googled "how to be a stepford wife" no kidding, there's a list:

Step 1: Always wear your makeup. No too far from real life, if we're going out in public I've got some coverage on- more than lip gloss.
Step 2: Always take care of your hair. Not a strand should be out of place. From years of being a swimmer, a ponytail works, that and having a 3 year old who loves to play, sometimes hair loses the battle.
Step 3: If you are not well-endowed in your torso area, use bra inserts, augmenters, or the chicshaper. Large bosoms featured prominently in Levin's original story. Got this one!
Step 4: If you are not thin, wear a girdle. I may not be tiny but no way am I wearing a girdle- NO SIR!
Step 5: Wear tight, but conservatively-cut clothing to show off your
assets. (Remember to wear an apron during housework). Not everything is tight, I occasionally show off the goods but not too often.
Step 6: Look in the mirror. Imagine yourself as a girl in a television commercial; you should look flawless, at all times. The picture of the Stepford Wife is the picture of a person who is healthy and takes good care of herself. I wish!
Step 7: Clean clean clean! Everything needs to be spotless. Even if it takes a dozen repeated rubs, scrubs, and buff in the same spot. Clean and clean some more, in every corner of the house. I clean, not as much as I'd like, I would love to de-clutter more.
Step 8: Cook. I would love to spend more time learning how, but being that we still live with my parents its weird cooking in my mom's kitchen.
Step 9: Shop at the supermarket. Push your cart slowly. All items need to be placed in your
shopping cart neatly, methodically, and in an orderly fashion. I could do this one!!!
Step 10: Practice gracious and polite behavior even when you are alone. Eat with the silverware in place even when you eat alone. Etiquette and proper manners begin at home, when no one is looking. Honestly, if I'm alone I still hustle so that I can get a lot done before they return, but I am neat.
Step 11: Never raise your voice. I just a loud person, not a yeller, but I laugh and joke A LOT!
Step 12: Always say "please" and "thank you" for the smallest things, in public and private. Another one I can do.
Step 13: Always apologize for the smallest things, in public and private. I do this, but it drives the MAN CRAZY!!!
Step 14: Do not possess any strong opinions on any subject, unless you are expressing enthusiasm for
cleaning products or food ingredients and recipes. Why not just play mute??
Step 15: Your man is No.1. He is the kingpin in your life. You answer first to him, then to your son, and then other men (and only when you are spoken to). Um, no!
Step 16: Don't read, because who has time when you have this much housework to do and so many men to attend to? This is not even an option.

Okay, so clearly I am not a Stepford wife. But I would love to be able to clean and be home when our son is home. I really want to learn how to cook and sew- for real sew. But for now, unconditional love is what I can give and the most organized closets and dressers a guy could ask for. I enjoy being a teacher and working everyday, I hope to do swim lessons in the summers, but time with my guys is the absolute best. So for now honey, you get me!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

SO much!!

So we're back from our Honeymoon road trip. Which was an absolute blast. We ended up changing our destinations and amount of time spent places but overall it was SUCH a great trip.

That'll be a whole post in itself with pics of course. The Nascar race was unbelievable. I felt a little redneck the whole time, but the experience was great. I'm thinking that going to races is something we might do more often.

I've finished the first week of orientation at my new school. There are a lot of differences between this district and my old, some good, some not so. My position was created because of the growing population. Meaning, they haven't had a fourth sixth grade teacher before, there's only been three. So everything I need is being either ordered, moved around, or given from team mates. As of right now I don't even have half the desks for my students, they're being ordered. We're really hoping the come in by the first day of school which is the 8th. Getting time to work in our rooms as been dodgy. We've had a lot of meanings and introductions throughout the week that seem to take up way more time then needed.

What's really hard is when there's just 8 of us in this orientation and one person keeps struggling with things. Logging onto her e-mail, choosing which insurance plan, understanding the building lay-out and so on, this woman has been teaching in a smaller community for the past 12 years and its hard for me to not get annoyed knowing that we're spending a ton of time explaining things and showing her things when we could be working on our own classrooms, websites, etc. I know what you're thinking, aren't teachers supposed to have patients? Yes, we are, and yes I do, but not with adults especially when everything was behind this week and I mean EVERYTHING. We were always behind on the schedule they gave us. I'm a schedule person, I plan and plan, when things go off track I get annoyed.

Luckily, Friday went wonderfully. My e-mail and website were finally set up, my teachers desk was delivered, I got a key for my room, but won't unlock the storage cabinets because the teacher before me still needs to clean them out, I have one out of about 12 books that my students will need, but I have my class list so that helps. I am very grateful for the job and very excited to work with my team mates. I just have to get through the introduction phase to the teacher phase and I'll be set. As soon as my room is all set I'll post some pics.

Okay, now that the ranting is over we're heading outside. It's cooled off and we've got some great wind so were heading to fly kites! FUN!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The wedding day

Okay, so this took forever to actually post.

Timeline style is easiest:

I slept okay that night. Having the Man with me helped calm me down. Since the reception hall was all put together we didn't have any where to be until our hair appointment. So we slept until about 8:30, had a breakfast. I didn't realize it until later but I didn't eat much that whole day. It was nerves without being too nervous.

12:30 Hair and make-up
It was great because I love my stylist and it was very relaxing to just talk with her about our rehearsal dinner and relax. My matron of honor came in half way through and we laughed some more. My make-up girl was awesome, I'd never met her before but she was highly recommended (some might find it weird that I didn't practice my make-up but I'd never had a problem at this salon).

3:00 Dress time
We headed out to the house/ceremony site and both got changed- separately. I was so excited to see the Man all dressed up. He waited outside with his back turned and we had our moment together. I teared up so we immediately jumped into pictures.

3:35 Quick rain shower
It was so weird it was like a heavy misting/ sprinkle that lasted long enough to make all the colors pop and then pictures continued on.

5:45 This was the most stressful part of my entire day. Since so much of my guys family was there and that only happens once in about four years they wanted a family shot IN THE FRONT YARD WHERE THE WEDDING WAS TAKING PLACE!!! I was originally okay with this idea because it was going to be behind the house and any early comers wouldn't see us. Sure enough waiting for everyone to get together, one family to still arrive, and one to come back in the picture was terrible. I started to get so anxious, then I realized the quartet wasn't there. People were actually arriving and there we all are wedding dress and all trying to get a photo! I was a bit agree with some of the Man's family.

6:10 This part I will forever remember. I walked downstairs to where my brother and sister-in-law were and immediately told him to tell me something funny. I was so close to a break down, tears were coming! Luckily my brother is funny and a super long talker and he literally talked for the next 15 minutes and kept me calm until the wedding. I paced back and forth , kicking my mother out of the way at one point until we walked up stairs.

6:25 My hair stylist popped in the house, pinned a flower in my hair. I continued to pace. Gave quick hugs and high fives to everyone. This part flew! Literally five minutes was like 30 seconds.

6:30 The quartet played our processional everyone filed out. My poor dad wanted a few last words but considering that he was already tearing up I told him I couldn't take it. He could tell me during our dance. I know, I know, a little mean but I was not going to bawl right before walking out, no way.

We made it out the door, down the stairs, and the ceremony was beautiful! The sermon was perfect, the Man's uncle, our pastor did such a wonderful job. Our son ended up standing on the deck with us and waving at the audience, blowing kisses and the laying down. Some would be annoyed, but grand scheme of things I didn't care. He was cute, everyone loved it, if you look close in some of the pics you can see him laying behind me.

I'll post more about the reception and other details later some time.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I got it!!

The job that is!! I got the call later yesterday afternoon and the paperwork is coming soon. The Principal mentioned what a similar position was paid last year and it's right at what the Man and I were hoping for, thank goodness for no negotiations- I'm horrible at them, for some reason when it comes to formal negotiations, I lack patience and confidence. However, put my with our son and mama's got it!

Anyway, so I'm teaching sixth grade next year. I'm a little nervous about the beginning of middle school antics and some of the new curriculum but I know I can do it.

The best is I have a reason to do some back to school shopping!! And I think we all know I'm not talking school supplies, however I will be picking up stuff for me room I'm sure. I've worked at Gap for years so I'm loyal to them, plus we have a ton of new stuff that came in Monday that I can't wait to try on!! The trousers are my fav, and with an employee discount- time for the mall!!

Wedding post to come later I promise!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Job prospect

So I planned to blog about our wedding and post some pics, but honestly something else is on my mind. Something just as exciting- well almost as exciting as the wedding.

Last week I had a job interview that went REALLY well. It was for a sixth grade position at a middle school in a nearby town. Class size is smaller than my old and the teammates seem really great. The interview was Thursday afternoon and I was told that I wouldn't hear until Wednesday or Friday of this week. Well, Friday I got a call saying that I was their number one candidate and that they would check my references and let me know sometime this week. I facebooked with an old team mate and he talked with them this morning- nothing but great things to say :)

But I'm wondering when do I get the call. I should be patient and just trust that it'll happen in due time. The Man and I are so excited, it would alleviate a lot of stress and worry. We could really relax on our honeymoon knowing that I have a teaching job to come home to. My other two references are great I'm not really worried about them, although I did have a bad dream the principal got me confused with another new teacher this year who had A LOT of issues and gave me a horrible review- this principal is spacey enough to do this. It was a crazy nightmare I know.

Okay, I feel a bit better. Time to go through some wedding pictures and put away some gifts and finish thank you's. Fingers crossed!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Thursday before the wedding

So I wasn't going to post about this day but after talking with a close friend who's getting married this month- organizing isn't her forte so I told her I'd share.

My matron of honor came over and we did the tedious little stuff. We put together the out of town bags, organized them by hotel, we bagged all the cookies and got those baskets ready, we tied all the programs and got those baskets ready. I know my wedding was more DIY so most brides don't have to worry about all this, but to truly make our wedding a reflection of us we did a lot of things on our own.

I also packed everything we would need at the ceremony house and for our hotel after the wedding. The best thing I did that really helped someone like me- a list maker- was have a checklist for each of the areas I needed. I made a checklist for packing, I had a checklist for things I needed to do leading up to the wedding. I know, I know, you can find these all over the place, but this was the tedious stuff like- finish laundry before guests come, vacuum, haircut for our son.

This was our big work day so that starting Friday I could have easier days without worry. That was the plan. Of course little things popped up, nothing too daunting but there are small things that you just have to brush off and ask yourself will it make or break your day? If not, forget about it.