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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The wedding day

Okay, so this took forever to actually post.

Timeline style is easiest:

I slept okay that night. Having the Man with me helped calm me down. Since the reception hall was all put together we didn't have any where to be until our hair appointment. So we slept until about 8:30, had a breakfast. I didn't realize it until later but I didn't eat much that whole day. It was nerves without being too nervous.

12:30 Hair and make-up
It was great because I love my stylist and it was very relaxing to just talk with her about our rehearsal dinner and relax. My matron of honor came in half way through and we laughed some more. My make-up girl was awesome, I'd never met her before but she was highly recommended (some might find it weird that I didn't practice my make-up but I'd never had a problem at this salon).

3:00 Dress time
We headed out to the house/ceremony site and both got changed- separately. I was so excited to see the Man all dressed up. He waited outside with his back turned and we had our moment together. I teared up so we immediately jumped into pictures.

3:35 Quick rain shower
It was so weird it was like a heavy misting/ sprinkle that lasted long enough to make all the colors pop and then pictures continued on.

5:45 This was the most stressful part of my entire day. Since so much of my guys family was there and that only happens once in about four years they wanted a family shot IN THE FRONT YARD WHERE THE WEDDING WAS TAKING PLACE!!! I was originally okay with this idea because it was going to be behind the house and any early comers wouldn't see us. Sure enough waiting for everyone to get together, one family to still arrive, and one to come back in the picture was terrible. I started to get so anxious, then I realized the quartet wasn't there. People were actually arriving and there we all are wedding dress and all trying to get a photo! I was a bit agree with some of the Man's family.

6:10 This part I will forever remember. I walked downstairs to where my brother and sister-in-law were and immediately told him to tell me something funny. I was so close to a break down, tears were coming! Luckily my brother is funny and a super long talker and he literally talked for the next 15 minutes and kept me calm until the wedding. I paced back and forth , kicking my mother out of the way at one point until we walked up stairs.

6:25 My hair stylist popped in the house, pinned a flower in my hair. I continued to pace. Gave quick hugs and high fives to everyone. This part flew! Literally five minutes was like 30 seconds.

6:30 The quartet played our processional everyone filed out. My poor dad wanted a few last words but considering that he was already tearing up I told him I couldn't take it. He could tell me during our dance. I know, I know, a little mean but I was not going to bawl right before walking out, no way.

We made it out the door, down the stairs, and the ceremony was beautiful! The sermon was perfect, the Man's uncle, our pastor did such a wonderful job. Our son ended up standing on the deck with us and waving at the audience, blowing kisses and the laying down. Some would be annoyed, but grand scheme of things I didn't care. He was cute, everyone loved it, if you look close in some of the pics you can see him laying behind me.

I'll post more about the reception and other details later some time.

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