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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Thursday before the wedding

So I wasn't going to post about this day but after talking with a close friend who's getting married this month- organizing isn't her forte so I told her I'd share.

My matron of honor came over and we did the tedious little stuff. We put together the out of town bags, organized them by hotel, we bagged all the cookies and got those baskets ready, we tied all the programs and got those baskets ready. I know my wedding was more DIY so most brides don't have to worry about all this, but to truly make our wedding a reflection of us we did a lot of things on our own.

I also packed everything we would need at the ceremony house and for our hotel after the wedding. The best thing I did that really helped someone like me- a list maker- was have a checklist for each of the areas I needed. I made a checklist for packing, I had a checklist for things I needed to do leading up to the wedding. I know, I know, you can find these all over the place, but this was the tedious stuff like- finish laundry before guests come, vacuum, haircut for our son.

This was our big work day so that starting Friday I could have easier days without worry. That was the plan. Of course little things popped up, nothing too daunting but there are small things that you just have to brush off and ask yourself will it make or break your day? If not, forget about it.

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