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I'm a mid twenties girl. Who has the cutest two boys ever. I'm married to the best hubby ever (aka the Man). I'm also a teacher of sixth grade with a masters degree in Education. I'd rather be busy than bored. I love things bright and beautiful and my family means the world to me.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Our Christmas

On our way home from the last family gathering I got to thinking about this holiday season and how incredibly blessed we are. The Man and I are both fully employed, we work with great people and like what we do every day. Tucker goes to a fabulous school with a very good teacher, and Ryker is with an amazing daycare. We spent the last week with family and friends that showered our boys with love.

The boys received some great gifts, as well as the Man and I. Santa brought Tucker a pair of roller blades and he puts on quite the show already. Ryker got some new toys and outfits but the most exciting thing is that in the last hour or so he's learned how to sit up from laying position.

Getting to spend this time with my family is wonderful. Getting time to relax and enjoy each others company is a blessing. I hope you get the same experience and joy that we did. Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Our Christmas Card

It's that time of year!
And while I'm super behind on blogging, as in I haven't posted Tucker's birthday or Ryker's 7 months, I did get our Christmas cards ordered. After only spending about an hour going through all the options I finally picked this card. I'm obsessed with Shutterfly and all their cute cards. I even found some thank you cards for the boys that I need to get for them to send out after Christmas. 

How about that photo of the two of them? Way to look at the camera boys!! We tried so many different things but finally called it good after Tucker's second laugh attack, totally my son. Ryker had to have been stuffed with all the puffs we were giving him to keep him smiling, or not smiling. As long as we had fun I guess thats all that matters.

Hopefully more to come soon!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Exercise your right!

As I explained to my sixth graders today, not everyone has this right. And many fought long and hard so that we could... so go do it!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our own star!

Tucker was picked by this years graduating class to be the crown bearer for homecoming. He was so excited! Mostly because it meant he would get to wear a tux!

He was so cute! He had to answer some questions and fill out a bio, his answers were truly him.
Question: If you could spend a million dollars for something at your school, what would you buy?
Answer: Corvettes and limos instead of buses
Question: What would be your best birthday party?
Answer: Army and GI Joe's
Question: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Answer: A soldier

The girl crown bearer was luckily my team mates daughter and they get along great. Besides getting to be a part of the crowing ceremony they also got to be in the parade- such cuties!

Another highlight was getting to wear the crown! These seniors were so amazing and I love that he has the confidence now to say hi to them when he sees them before and after school. Such a cutie, did I say that already? Must be true!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Playing catch-up!

So I just took the last football game and a half to catch up on all my favorite blogs. And now I have about 15 minutes to type this up before Ryker is up or I have to start dinner, whichever comes first.

I had an epiphany Friday morning at work. My class was taking their first reading standardized test of the year. Low and behold, my four special ed students weren't planned for. It basically turned into me solving the problem. This does happen pretty often in our building sadly, so I shouldn't be surprised and should learn to just prepare for it. But I also like to rely on others doing their jobs. Anyways, mini rant over- sorry. After getting my whole class finally going another teacher approached me and apologized for not following through on something. Throughout our conversation we talked about how even four weeks into school, it still seems like things are chaotic.

I've found myself feeling more and more lost lately and overwhelmed. I've got a very high needs class this year, but I absolutely love them! No doubt about it I laugh everyday, seriously everyday! But I also feel that by four o'clock I'm exhausted. So during this conversation I realized- I'm better than this.

I shouldn't be complaining. I have a tough room because the special ed teachers felt that I was best for these students. I got a new student because our admin thought I would handle her incoming easily and make sure she felt welcome from day one. I have a job, can't complain.

So my epiphany, I love to organize and plan. It's time to sit down and get myself more organized. So that's what I'm doing/did this weekend. I've got a plan for at home and at school. I know things are going to pop up, they always do. But for everything else, I've got to get our lives figured out. One step at a time. Maybe even have time to finish a whole blog post that I've had to save for who knows when, and post it.

And with that, I hear a baby!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Where did that time go?

Dear Blog,
 Um, yeah. So we're alive! Boys are growing. Tucker is loving first grade. The Man is back in school. My class is a lot of fun albeit challenging. We're starting to settle into a routine, although somethings were getting left out and now I'm working to get those things scheduled back in ex. laundry, blogging, reading blogs, relaxing, just little stuff- yeah right!

So I'm still here. And looking to hopefully do some catching up. Seriously, Aug. 27th was the last post- oh my word!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Four months and a Baptism

So we're still here! Last week was my last week off, and after being away from school since April I was stretching it for as long as I could. So we jammed packed our last week with trips to the State Fair, zoo, shopping, early school prep (yuck), and just being outside with my boys.

First off, this not-so little man is 4 months old. Actually, now he's 4 1/2 months old!
 Stats for this month-
Length-66.5cm (87%)
Weight-  14.7 lbs (57%)

 Clothes- 3-9 months pending on the brand
 Diapers- size 3
 Eating- 8 oz each feeding about every 3-4 hours
 This face is totally his dad!
This is his serious face! I love it because it's almost always followed by a big smile. He's up to two bottom teeth, they took about a whole week to pop up and then be comfortably out. No sign of any more to come. He has such a great demeanor still, very laid back, and he seems to be comfortable with anyone who's comfortable with him.

And this is totally me, distracted by something else instead of looking at the camera.

He's super close to rolling back to front on his own, just not quite there.

We also had Ryker's Baptism this month. The service was outside and it was a beautiful day!
Here his godparents make their promises-
He did so well with the water, I think he was more disappointed that he wasnt getting a full bath!
Then, finally, his presentation to the audience.
The cake- I had to stop the Man doing the first cute because I forgot to take a picture! Oops!
Here's hoping you have a great weekend!

 And because we can't do any photo session without our big bro!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back to School clothes

Like every mother, back to school shopping can be quite the task, however I've caught some random sales this summer so I picked up a shirt or two when they were super cheap and bought Tucker shorts at the end of the season last year. Therefore this post isn't about boy clothes. It's more towards my wardrobe!

One of my favorite places to shop through it Lands End. Their clothes last and are made of very comfy materials. I don't own a lot yet, but I hope to slowly add some of their apparel throughout the next few years.

This shirt is awesome, no ironing needed at all!

This sweater looks nothing but comfy!
Women's Marl Cotton Hooded Pullover
 This coat looks great for bus duty, it's warm and great for the weekends too.

I also spotted this shirt on sale, might have to snap it up.

My favorite store for pants has been and most likely will be is Gap.
I'm addicted to these pants! The trousers are very flattering on me (I think) and have held up for so long!

I like this oxford, the color is fun and can be worn in various ways.
 This outfit is cute, I like the half sweater over the button up, but I'm not a skinny jeans person at all.

This sweater is right up my alley, love it!

Shoes are always SUPER important for teachers, but everyone is so different that I'm not about to hunt some down  - although I've heard Clark's are amazing!

*I wasn't compensated for this, blah, blah, no one paid me in clothing or discounts to post this. These are my opinions, however if anyone/ company wants to through some of these pieces or discounts at me I think I could handle it!