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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Playing catch-up!

So I just took the last football game and a half to catch up on all my favorite blogs. And now I have about 15 minutes to type this up before Ryker is up or I have to start dinner, whichever comes first.

I had an epiphany Friday morning at work. My class was taking their first reading standardized test of the year. Low and behold, my four special ed students weren't planned for. It basically turned into me solving the problem. This does happen pretty often in our building sadly, so I shouldn't be surprised and should learn to just prepare for it. But I also like to rely on others doing their jobs. Anyways, mini rant over- sorry. After getting my whole class finally going another teacher approached me and apologized for not following through on something. Throughout our conversation we talked about how even four weeks into school, it still seems like things are chaotic.

I've found myself feeling more and more lost lately and overwhelmed. I've got a very high needs class this year, but I absolutely love them! No doubt about it I laugh everyday, seriously everyday! But I also feel that by four o'clock I'm exhausted. So during this conversation I realized- I'm better than this.

I shouldn't be complaining. I have a tough room because the special ed teachers felt that I was best for these students. I got a new student because our admin thought I would handle her incoming easily and make sure she felt welcome from day one. I have a job, can't complain.

So my epiphany, I love to organize and plan. It's time to sit down and get myself more organized. So that's what I'm doing/did this weekend. I've got a plan for at home and at school. I know things are going to pop up, they always do. But for everything else, I've got to get our lives figured out. One step at a time. Maybe even have time to finish a whole blog post that I've had to save for who knows when, and post it.

And with that, I hear a baby!

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