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I'm a mid twenties girl. Who has the cutest two boys ever. I'm married to the best hubby ever (aka the Man). I'm also a teacher of sixth grade with a masters degree in Education. I'd rather be busy than bored. I love things bright and beautiful and my family means the world to me.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Things on my mind...

A few things that are on my mind as of late- it always seems better to just type them out then hold them in-
  • I'm thinking of training for a triathlon that's next summer. This years was a couple of weeks ago so I have a little under a year to get ready. I completed one three summers ago so I'm not worried about it.
  • I've read almost 5 books within the last week and a half- what am I avoiding?
  • I haven't started some of my crafty projects I was hoping to get done
  • I hate to keep bringing up a baby because I know it really bothers the Man but something makes me think of having one everyday
  • I've been running almost everyday and I really like it
  • I should be working more with Tucker and his writing but its more fun to play outside
  • The Man and I want to do a vacation next summer, maybe a road trip out west to visit the Man's family
  • How can we build up our savings quicker to get to finishing the basement sooner?
  • I've come to realize that I have almost no relationship with my brother at this point and it might be for the better- because of our parents our kids will know each other and that's what matters more to me
  • I love couponing and deal searching- quick the reward sometimes!
Just a few things that go through my mind throughout the day. Ever have those nagging thoughts that just don't go away?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Today has a goal!

Today I will complete this list!
Making it colorful also helps. Luckily some are just phone calls, Target should be pretty quick, not looking forward to organizing our downstairs storage stuff but it must be done. My school bag is still sitting where I left when I got home after the last day- pathetic!

Tucker needed to lay (lie) back down this morning, he wasn't ready for the day yet so I had him play in his room while I got ready. Low and behold I get out the shower and check on him- he is OUT. Poor guy, I think the first part of summer caught up with him finally.

Stay tuned to see how far I get today!

EDIT- This what I got DONE!!
As you can see I added some things and managed to make banana bread and jambalaya (from Zataran's). Couple things left but I took some time randomly throughout the day to play with Tucker and dance to our favorite songs. We may have even started to wash my car which The Man luckily got home in time to finish it "properly"as he would say. Love that man!

Monday, June 28, 2010


I love, love this song. My dad also loved Star Trek so this made me laugh! Consider it a 2 minute ab workout. I probably enjoyed it too much, but I usually do.

Tik Tok

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Double run day!

I made a dumb decision to run this afternoon. I mapped out a 3+ mile run and set out. Between the heat and very little shade along the run I didn't make the entire distance running. I did make the distance but I walked probably a little less than a mile. However, I did get 2 miles in tonight to make myself feel a little better. Of course I was a hot sweaty mess when I finished, but I did it.

I'm really starting to enjoy going for runs but it really tests my self-motivation. I've noticed some changes in my body and I've dropped a couple of pounds. I would really like to try being under 150 in the next week or two. I know its just a number and My legs and upper body are pretty muscular but I'd really like to hit 145 by the end of summer, if I don't I won't feel upset, just something to strive for.

This weekend I need to buy some new shoes. This isn't even a "want" anymore, this is a need. My last few shoes have been Nike shox but I've been told by some other runners that Saucony's are great shoes to run in. Any thoughts out there?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tucker's first movie!

Today I had a date with my cutie! We were running a little late so we didn't have time for lunch out, but we did share a nice sandwich at home. Toy Story 3 was Tucker's first movie theater movie. I kept putting off taking him until I knew for sure he could handle being in the theater that long and would like the movie. I really wish we would have made it to "How to Train your Dragon" but the timing wasn't right and I hated going without the Man. Now that I'm out of school we could go to a matinee and I only had to worry about other kiddos.

We went all out with popcorn, a drink, and Bunch-Crunch (which may have been more for me than him). He sat so well and luckily the chair didn't fold up on him too much. Anyone else have those memories of their mom's purse having to be in the chair with them or their mom sitting some how to keep you from folding up within the chair?

Anyways, Tucker loved the movie. I thought it was really good. They did a lot with my favorite characters and the ending was very sweet. Tucker loved the theater and I know we'll be back more this summer.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Whatta weekend!

We had a jammed back weekend that kept us moving since Friday. To help clear out the basement and help my parents clean out their storage we had a yard sale- at our house! I can't believe how much clothing I was keeping, how my parents didn't go bankrupt throughout my college and high school years is beyond me. Luckily we made a pretty penny off my shopping habit. The Man and I had a lot of stuff prior to moving into together and the wedding that was just taking up space that we were more than happy to see go.

I set up some Thursday night and was really hoping to have everything ready to start Friday evening but it didn't happen. We had crazy storms blow in that caused some damage- luckily nothing for us or our family, but it turned out a F1 Tornado ripped through town throughout the storming.

Saturday started early and we stayed pretty steady throughout the whole sale. The "Gap training" as my family called it, came out and I felt the need to keep organizing the clothes piles. People just kept tearing through them like no big deal! Half way through I think my parents realized we were selling lots more than them and my mother came up with the idea that instead of taking everything in to donate after the sale we try again next weekend. Thank goodness the Man spoke up and said there was no way he was giving up his garage for a week. So with the help of my in-laws who donated the tables and some of their goods to our sale, we loaded it all up afterwards, took it to my parents, and will be going for round 2 this coming weekend.

Sunday was great. The Man got to play golf with my FIL. So Tucker and I made banana pudding dessert as a surprise. I must say I did a fabulous job thanks to the pudding recipe on the Jell-o box. The Man loved it along with the white Oreos Tucker picked for his present.

It was also the Man's 30th birthday on Sunday so he picked himself out a new grill Saturday after the yard sale. This would be where I insert a picture of him with the grill but alas, I didn't take one. He made a great dinner for us Saturday so that Sunday we could head out to his favorite home town restaurant where he grew up.

All in all I say it was a pretty good weekend. hope everyone had a wonderful Father's day. And Happy summer Solstice- winter is on its way- yuck!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

There's a new title?

So I was experimenting with wordpress the other day after talking with some other blogging and techy friends. I got to the point where I figured I would start a new blog, I planned to put more effort into it and attempt to use it as I planned- an online journal. But I hated the idea of losing what I already had and resetting all of my favorite blogs that I follow.

So I revamped the current blog. It was definitely time for a new background and I wanted a better title. Let's face it the other one was so long and a nuisance to type. This one is really me. I live around my two guys, they are the center of my life. I also spend a whole lotta time devoted to laundry. Either picking it up, sorting, folding, putting away, ironing- you get the idea. And lastly, my third staple- teaching, my other love. So there you have it. One thing of the summer to do list.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer List

If you didn't know- I'm a list person. I love lists, I have a couple on-going ones but for the most part I try to just write it all in a daily journal/ notebook. To start the summer out  "right" I made a list of goals or things I wanted to make sure I/ we do. Here are some of the highlights:
  • Read, read, read some more (I'm on my 3rd book already)
  • Teach Tucker to tie his shoes
  • Visit the children's museum
  • Take Tucker to his first movie (Toy Story 3)
  • Yard Sale (this weekend)
  • Make a jewelery holder (seen here)
  • Catch up on some chick movies while The Man works
  • Change the look of the blog (you may have noticed- more on that tomorrow)
  • Teach Tucker to tie his shoes
  • organize our basement
  • attempt to blog everyday (starting today, mostly likely not weekends)
  • visit our farmer's market
  • teach Tucker to write his whole name rather than just first
There's just a few things. I going to work at Gap Mondays and Fridays just to get out and give Tucker his "grandpa time". I was going to start some classes on a Reading certificate but realizing how expensive post- Master's class are will push that plan back a little. Either way I'm excited to just chill with the little man and be a summer-stay-at-home-mom .