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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tucker's first movie!

Today I had a date with my cutie! We were running a little late so we didn't have time for lunch out, but we did share a nice sandwich at home. Toy Story 3 was Tucker's first movie theater movie. I kept putting off taking him until I knew for sure he could handle being in the theater that long and would like the movie. I really wish we would have made it to "How to Train your Dragon" but the timing wasn't right and I hated going without the Man. Now that I'm out of school we could go to a matinee and I only had to worry about other kiddos.

We went all out with popcorn, a drink, and Bunch-Crunch (which may have been more for me than him). He sat so well and luckily the chair didn't fold up on him too much. Anyone else have those memories of their mom's purse having to be in the chair with them or their mom sitting some how to keep you from folding up within the chair?

Anyways, Tucker loved the movie. I thought it was really good. They did a lot with my favorite characters and the ending was very sweet. Tucker loved the theater and I know we'll be back more this summer.

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