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I'm a mid twenties girl. Who has the cutest two boys ever. I'm married to the best hubby ever (aka the Man). I'm also a teacher of sixth grade with a masters degree in Education. I'd rather be busy than bored. I love things bright and beautiful and my family means the world to me.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

There's a new title?

So I was experimenting with wordpress the other day after talking with some other blogging and techy friends. I got to the point where I figured I would start a new blog, I planned to put more effort into it and attempt to use it as I planned- an online journal. But I hated the idea of losing what I already had and resetting all of my favorite blogs that I follow.

So I revamped the current blog. It was definitely time for a new background and I wanted a better title. Let's face it the other one was so long and a nuisance to type. This one is really me. I live around my two guys, they are the center of my life. I also spend a whole lotta time devoted to laundry. Either picking it up, sorting, folding, putting away, ironing- you get the idea. And lastly, my third staple- teaching, my other love. So there you have it. One thing of the summer to do list.

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