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Monday, June 21, 2010

Whatta weekend!

We had a jammed back weekend that kept us moving since Friday. To help clear out the basement and help my parents clean out their storage we had a yard sale- at our house! I can't believe how much clothing I was keeping, how my parents didn't go bankrupt throughout my college and high school years is beyond me. Luckily we made a pretty penny off my shopping habit. The Man and I had a lot of stuff prior to moving into together and the wedding that was just taking up space that we were more than happy to see go.

I set up some Thursday night and was really hoping to have everything ready to start Friday evening but it didn't happen. We had crazy storms blow in that caused some damage- luckily nothing for us or our family, but it turned out a F1 Tornado ripped through town throughout the storming.

Saturday started early and we stayed pretty steady throughout the whole sale. The "Gap training" as my family called it, came out and I felt the need to keep organizing the clothes piles. People just kept tearing through them like no big deal! Half way through I think my parents realized we were selling lots more than them and my mother came up with the idea that instead of taking everything in to donate after the sale we try again next weekend. Thank goodness the Man spoke up and said there was no way he was giving up his garage for a week. So with the help of my in-laws who donated the tables and some of their goods to our sale, we loaded it all up afterwards, took it to my parents, and will be going for round 2 this coming weekend.

Sunday was great. The Man got to play golf with my FIL. So Tucker and I made banana pudding dessert as a surprise. I must say I did a fabulous job thanks to the pudding recipe on the Jell-o box. The Man loved it along with the white Oreos Tucker picked for his present.

It was also the Man's 30th birthday on Sunday so he picked himself out a new grill Saturday after the yard sale. This would be where I insert a picture of him with the grill but alas, I didn't take one. He made a great dinner for us Saturday so that Sunday we could head out to his favorite home town restaurant where he grew up.

All in all I say it was a pretty good weekend. hope everyone had a wonderful Father's day. And Happy summer Solstice- winter is on its way- yuck!

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