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I'm a mid twenties girl. Who has the cutest two boys ever. I'm married to the best hubby ever (aka the Man). I'm also a teacher of sixth grade with a masters degree in Education. I'd rather be busy than bored. I love things bright and beautiful and my family means the world to me.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday catch-up!

What a week! No way to sum it better than to bullet list-
  • This week we had conferences, so Tuesday and Thursday I was at school until 7:30. This mama was worn out!
  • A nasty bug is floating around our school. Tucker had it last week, my students have been passing it around the room, needless to say, I caught it this week.
  • I called out on Wednesday. Between not sleeping well with baby, not sleeping more because of a cold/cough, and super long days it had to be done.
  • The sub who came told my students that they were doing a "trial run" for my long-term sub position and they were hoping it went well so that they could take over. No idea where the sub got the idea or why they would tell the kids that but it wasn't nice to come back to. 
  • Right now baby boys clothes are being washed!!! I'm so excited that we'll get to use some of our favorite outfits from Tucker. 
  • Today my mom and I might have hit up the Carter's outlet for some new cute things as well

  • On my day off I watched two good movies-

  • Today on  our way home I stopped and got one of these, it was delicious!
  •  I'm almost done with little man's mobile. One more check off the list!