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I'm a mid twenties girl. Who has the cutest two boys ever. I'm married to the best hubby ever (aka the Man). I'm also a teacher of sixth grade with a masters degree in Education. I'd rather be busy than bored. I love things bright and beautiful and my family means the world to me.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

First month Must-Haves!

There are a few things we really relied on/ loved for the past month.
#1- uh, duh, DIAPERS!! The new Swaddlers are AMAZING!! Now they have a line on the front that turns blue when they're wet. What a time saver, I could easily look at Ryker's diaper and tell if he needed a change without any diaper undoing. Love, love this!
#2- Playtex bottles- this is our second round with these bottles and I have to say they work so well at preventing gas. Either our boys are both really easy or the bottles are made to work.
#3- Medela pump- while I didn't use mine for more than a month, it was great the whole time. There were different settings that I could set as my flow changed throughout the day. Plus all the parts and additional pieces are compatible. I was lucky that a friend let me borrow hers and I didn't have to buy one. 
#4- Sleeps sacks, these make night time changing so easy and keep baby warm. This one from Carter's, is my absolute favorite, I love the little ducks.
#5 Coffee maker- um, need I explain?

- I wasn't compensated for any of my opinions, just sharing some thoughts. Although, Pampers if you'd like to thrown some our way, that would be great.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

One month already!

In all honesty today we're a month and a week- whoops, a little late!
Ryker already you are a little man with a personality, you make lots of faces, have started to smile, and you are always trying to look around
 You are a wonderful sleeper! You sleep through all types of noises, and as of this last week have started getting up only once or twice a night. A big thanks from mama on that!
 You and Tucker already have a brotherly bond. He loves talking to you all the time and if he's anywhere in the room you are looking for him.
 You get the hiccups all the time, at least 8 times a day. You hate being "wet" or "dirty", you will cry during your change right up until I say, "All done." And then you're fine.

You enjoy the bath tub, but not getting out. 
We haven't taken you in this month but I would guess you're almost 12 pounds and 23 inches, you are growing. You're in size 2 Swaddlers and none of your newborn clothes have fit you for the last two weeks.

Some funny things you have done are:
- After a feeding you spit up all down dad's face, neck, and chest.
- During a bath time you almost peed on Tucker who was helping.
- When you get really mad your entire body gets all red and I swear you stop breathing for a second- I hate this!
-Your neck is getting super strong but once you get tired we have to watch out for your noggin, it can hurt when you knock into us.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Giving Up on Good

I have been a long time reader of Erin over at Blue Eyed Bride. Today she posted on a topic from another blog that struck me.

The last few weeks with a new baby have been a little more tough than I thought they should/ would be. I find myself struggling with something everyday. Rest assured it has nothing to do with the birth of our son, I don't have a single regret about his birth, I love every minute with him! I think I've told myself I should be, especially by now, a better mom/ wife/ daughter for my family. 

So I'm letting go- I will be happy with me!
I've been doing better with my daily list, it's not perfect but it helps. I remind myself that Tucker is happy when we walk, and that I can't be mom AND dad. I remind myself that the Man can handle a little crabbiness, that he can't read my mind, and that even though he doesn't say it, knows I try. 

I will stop dreading over what I didn't get done and celebrate more what I did. I will realize that my favorite blogs have no idea I haven't been able to read them as much. I will learn that I can take a nap with Ryker and my family won't miss out. I will let myself get back into shape at the pace my body allows, it won't happen overnight.

This isn't something I can necessarily fix in a week, or even a month. But I need to work on it. I will always work to be a better person, but I will also realize that I can be perfect. My family doesn't need perfect, they just need a mom, or wife, or daughter. What are you giving up on?

Be sure to check out Naptime Diaries, I know it helped me today!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Jam Sessions

I don't have a lot of alone time lately, unless you count the shower...but everyday I pick Tucker up from school which is about 20 minutes away. Ryker likes to sleep during this time and I like to jam out. I crank up the tunes, as much as you can with a sleeping baby and sing along. Here are some of my favs-

Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen

Brokenhearted by Karmin

Drive By- Train

Eyes Open- Taylor Swift

Somebody that I used to Know- Gyote

This video is super cute too, love these kiddos! Their little dance moves crack me up-

Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week

So this week is Teacher Appreciation week. Being that I'm a teacher and a human being, it always feels nice to have someone say, "Thank-you" or "Good Job". Granted you should like the teacher you're thanking, never feel obligated to give them a gift. Sometimes even a simple card can mean the world to a teacher.

Here are some ideas I've spotted on Pinterest that I love! I wish that I had the time to link up to their actual sites but being that I'm trying to get this written and about five other things done during nap time, I can't.
teacher gift teacher-gifts
teacher gifts
Teacher Giftsteacher gifts jendavis78

Teacher Gifts Teacher Gifts Teacher Gifts daysinewfeld
I'm planning on making the first one and giving it to Tucker's teacher. I try to stick with something that I know a teacher can re-use, doesn't get all the time, or is useful to them or in the classroom. Take it from this teacher, while we love lotion and notepads we can only take so much, plus the teacher may not like the scent you give. I'm not trying to sound ungrateful just saying that there are other options. We love pens, pencils, glue sticks, at Christmas I had a student bring in a 3-pack of Puff's tissues with a gift card, it made my cold-and-flu season ;)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

WIWW- Not comfy pants!

I set a goal last week, every Wednesday I get dressed. More specifically, get dressed in something other than comfy pants and t-shirt. Last week I did it, but sadly had to change before I got a picture. This week I did it again.
Nothing to get too excited about, but I made my goal- YEAH!
Cardigan- Gap
T-Shirt- Target
Jeans- Motherhood Maternity

Next week, maybe some jewelry too!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Just some randoms

I have a list of post ideas but now that I have time to actual write the post they aren't sparking any thoughts, so here are some randoms.

  • I downloaded Instagram yesterday hoping that it will help remind me to take more pictures
  • I can already see how Ryker is growing and he's only 3 weeks, the last few days he's started to make little sounds almost as though he's trying to talk
  • Tucker has 5 weeks left of school, meaning I've got to start thinking about what we're going to do during the day all summer
  • This week I walked everyday, it felt nice to get out and get some exercise
Exercise Quotes
  • The Man's summer work schedule has officially started, meaning long days without him. More then ever this year- I HATE it! 
  • I've made a goal to get at least one load of laundry done everyday and I've made it for over a week- it's the little things you have to be excited about
  • I went to school this week for a meeting and learned that my class isn't loving the sub, not even liking her, I should say. I know that this is out of my hands but its still hard to hear.
  • After the meeting I was more than ready to get home to Ryker
  • I still haven't gotten to see the Hunger Games
  • I finished a project I had started for Ryker's room before he was born today, now we just have to see how long it takes to hang up
  • I need to get started on Ryker's announcements- hopefully get them done before his first birthday
  • Tucker seems to be getting bigger and brighter all the time, he's always impressing me
I hear some grunting, nap time is over.