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Saturday, May 19, 2012

One month already!

In all honesty today we're a month and a week- whoops, a little late!
Ryker already you are a little man with a personality, you make lots of faces, have started to smile, and you are always trying to look around
 You are a wonderful sleeper! You sleep through all types of noises, and as of this last week have started getting up only once or twice a night. A big thanks from mama on that!
 You and Tucker already have a brotherly bond. He loves talking to you all the time and if he's anywhere in the room you are looking for him.
 You get the hiccups all the time, at least 8 times a day. You hate being "wet" or "dirty", you will cry during your change right up until I say, "All done." And then you're fine.

You enjoy the bath tub, but not getting out. 
We haven't taken you in this month but I would guess you're almost 12 pounds and 23 inches, you are growing. You're in size 2 Swaddlers and none of your newborn clothes have fit you for the last two weeks.

Some funny things you have done are:
- After a feeding you spit up all down dad's face, neck, and chest.
- During a bath time you almost peed on Tucker who was helping.
- When you get really mad your entire body gets all red and I swear you stop breathing for a second- I hate this!
-Your neck is getting super strong but once you get tired we have to watch out for your noggin, it can hurt when you knock into us.

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