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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

First month Must-Haves!

There are a few things we really relied on/ loved for the past month.
#1- uh, duh, DIAPERS!! The new Swaddlers are AMAZING!! Now they have a line on the front that turns blue when they're wet. What a time saver, I could easily look at Ryker's diaper and tell if he needed a change without any diaper undoing. Love, love this!
#2- Playtex bottles- this is our second round with these bottles and I have to say they work so well at preventing gas. Either our boys are both really easy or the bottles are made to work.
#3- Medela pump- while I didn't use mine for more than a month, it was great the whole time. There were different settings that I could set as my flow changed throughout the day. Plus all the parts and additional pieces are compatible. I was lucky that a friend let me borrow hers and I didn't have to buy one. 
#4- Sleeps sacks, these make night time changing so easy and keep baby warm. This one from Carter's, is my absolute favorite, I love the little ducks.
#5 Coffee maker- um, need I explain?

- I wasn't compensated for any of my opinions, just sharing some thoughts. Although, Pampers if you'd like to thrown some our way, that would be great.

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