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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Just some randoms

I have a list of post ideas but now that I have time to actual write the post they aren't sparking any thoughts, so here are some randoms.

  • I downloaded Instagram yesterday hoping that it will help remind me to take more pictures
  • I can already see how Ryker is growing and he's only 3 weeks, the last few days he's started to make little sounds almost as though he's trying to talk
  • Tucker has 5 weeks left of school, meaning I've got to start thinking about what we're going to do during the day all summer
  • This week I walked everyday, it felt nice to get out and get some exercise
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  • The Man's summer work schedule has officially started, meaning long days without him. More then ever this year- I HATE it! 
  • I've made a goal to get at least one load of laundry done everyday and I've made it for over a week- it's the little things you have to be excited about
  • I went to school this week for a meeting and learned that my class isn't loving the sub, not even liking her, I should say. I know that this is out of my hands but its still hard to hear.
  • After the meeting I was more than ready to get home to Ryker
  • I still haven't gotten to see the Hunger Games
  • I finished a project I had started for Ryker's room before he was born today, now we just have to see how long it takes to hang up
  • I need to get started on Ryker's announcements- hopefully get them done before his first birthday
  • Tucker seems to be getting bigger and brighter all the time, he's always impressing me
I hear some grunting, nap time is over. 

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