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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Double run day!

I made a dumb decision to run this afternoon. I mapped out a 3+ mile run and set out. Between the heat and very little shade along the run I didn't make the entire distance running. I did make the distance but I walked probably a little less than a mile. However, I did get 2 miles in tonight to make myself feel a little better. Of course I was a hot sweaty mess when I finished, but I did it.

I'm really starting to enjoy going for runs but it really tests my self-motivation. I've noticed some changes in my body and I've dropped a couple of pounds. I would really like to try being under 150 in the next week or two. I know its just a number and My legs and upper body are pretty muscular but I'd really like to hit 145 by the end of summer, if I don't I won't feel upset, just something to strive for.

This weekend I need to buy some new shoes. This isn't even a "want" anymore, this is a need. My last few shoes have been Nike shox but I've been told by some other runners that Saucony's are great shoes to run in. Any thoughts out there?

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