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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back to School clothes

Like every mother, back to school shopping can be quite the task, however I've caught some random sales this summer so I picked up a shirt or two when they were super cheap and bought Tucker shorts at the end of the season last year. Therefore this post isn't about boy clothes. It's more towards my wardrobe!

One of my favorite places to shop through it Lands End. Their clothes last and are made of very comfy materials. I don't own a lot yet, but I hope to slowly add some of their apparel throughout the next few years.

This shirt is awesome, no ironing needed at all!

This sweater looks nothing but comfy!
Women's Marl Cotton Hooded Pullover
 This coat looks great for bus duty, it's warm and great for the weekends too.

I also spotted this shirt on sale, might have to snap it up.

My favorite store for pants has been and most likely will be is Gap.
I'm addicted to these pants! The trousers are very flattering on me (I think) and have held up for so long!

I like this oxford, the color is fun and can be worn in various ways.
 This outfit is cute, I like the half sweater over the button up, but I'm not a skinny jeans person at all.

This sweater is right up my alley, love it!

Shoes are always SUPER important for teachers, but everyone is so different that I'm not about to hunt some down  - although I've heard Clark's are amazing!

*I wasn't compensated for this, blah, blah, no one paid me in clothing or discounts to post this. These are my opinions, however if anyone/ company wants to through some of these pieces or discounts at me I think I could handle it!

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