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Monday, August 3, 2009

Job prospect

So I planned to blog about our wedding and post some pics, but honestly something else is on my mind. Something just as exciting- well almost as exciting as the wedding.

Last week I had a job interview that went REALLY well. It was for a sixth grade position at a middle school in a nearby town. Class size is smaller than my old and the teammates seem really great. The interview was Thursday afternoon and I was told that I wouldn't hear until Wednesday or Friday of this week. Well, Friday I got a call saying that I was their number one candidate and that they would check my references and let me know sometime this week. I facebooked with an old team mate and he talked with them this morning- nothing but great things to say :)

But I'm wondering when do I get the call. I should be patient and just trust that it'll happen in due time. The Man and I are so excited, it would alleviate a lot of stress and worry. We could really relax on our honeymoon knowing that I have a teaching job to come home to. My other two references are great I'm not really worried about them, although I did have a bad dream the principal got me confused with another new teacher this year who had A LOT of issues and gave me a horrible review- this principal is spacey enough to do this. It was a crazy nightmare I know.

Okay, I feel a bit better. Time to go through some wedding pictures and put away some gifts and finish thank you's. Fingers crossed!!!

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