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Thursday, August 27, 2009

SO much!!

So we're back from our Honeymoon road trip. Which was an absolute blast. We ended up changing our destinations and amount of time spent places but overall it was SUCH a great trip.

That'll be a whole post in itself with pics of course. The Nascar race was unbelievable. I felt a little redneck the whole time, but the experience was great. I'm thinking that going to races is something we might do more often.

I've finished the first week of orientation at my new school. There are a lot of differences between this district and my old, some good, some not so. My position was created because of the growing population. Meaning, they haven't had a fourth sixth grade teacher before, there's only been three. So everything I need is being either ordered, moved around, or given from team mates. As of right now I don't even have half the desks for my students, they're being ordered. We're really hoping the come in by the first day of school which is the 8th. Getting time to work in our rooms as been dodgy. We've had a lot of meanings and introductions throughout the week that seem to take up way more time then needed.

What's really hard is when there's just 8 of us in this orientation and one person keeps struggling with things. Logging onto her e-mail, choosing which insurance plan, understanding the building lay-out and so on, this woman has been teaching in a smaller community for the past 12 years and its hard for me to not get annoyed knowing that we're spending a ton of time explaining things and showing her things when we could be working on our own classrooms, websites, etc. I know what you're thinking, aren't teachers supposed to have patients? Yes, we are, and yes I do, but not with adults especially when everything was behind this week and I mean EVERYTHING. We were always behind on the schedule they gave us. I'm a schedule person, I plan and plan, when things go off track I get annoyed.

Luckily, Friday went wonderfully. My e-mail and website were finally set up, my teachers desk was delivered, I got a key for my room, but won't unlock the storage cabinets because the teacher before me still needs to clean them out, I have one out of about 12 books that my students will need, but I have my class list so that helps. I am very grateful for the job and very excited to work with my team mates. I just have to get through the introduction phase to the teacher phase and I'll be set. As soon as my room is all set I'll post some pics.

Okay, now that the ranting is over we're heading outside. It's cooled off and we've got some great wind so were heading to fly kites! FUN!!

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