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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dear baby boy,

It's been over 37 weeks! You could be coming any day now and your dad and I are so excited. It's crazy to look at how you've (okay I've) grown.
 12 weeks
 24 weeks
 30 weeks
37 weeks

Dad has been working so hard at getting the basement ready for your big brother, Tucker's room. He's still in his bedroom, your future nursery. Your room is painted, clothing washed and in the dresser, diaper bag packed, and just a few things left to buy. On Friday I left school kind of hoping that it was my last day there. I'm so ready to meet you!

We are still waiting to pick your name. It's always been between Ryker and Tank, middle name is James after my dad. Either way I know you'll get called Tank either as your "official" name or nickname. The other night dad was awake and woke me just to say, "I think we should call him Ryker." We'll figure it out I promise!

You've picked up on our schedule for the most part. Shortly after I wake up you do some kicking. Around 9 or 10 you have another nice round. Then during lunch or right after. On our ride home from school you bounce along, I think it's because you hear your brother talking. Then during dinner when dad starts talking, you start moving. My favorite time is when we're laying down at night and you kick as if to say good night. 

Tucker can't wait to see you. He's going to such a good brother to you. He already talks about all the things he wants to teach you. I hope you're ready to ride a bike, jump, say please and thank-you, and of course make all the best motor noises.

I love you little man, so much already. See you soon,
Love, your mama

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