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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

39 Weeks!!

I'll be honest, I may have been hoping that this post would include an actual picture of the little man!
How Far Along? 39 weeks today!
Size of out sweet lil' man?  a watermelon until the end!!
Maternity Clothes? Could there be anything else? On weekends I wear the man's comfy t-shirts, less clingy.
Weight Gain? Does it really matter when it's for something to sweet? ;)
Stretch Marks? Yep, might as well be honest right? Now trying to find something to use afterwards.
Gender? Boy, boy, oh boy!! 
Sleep? So last night I woke up trying to catch my breathe, I was almost about to freak out when I realized that between my lovely tata's and baby belly I was suffocating myself- NICE!!! Back on my side I went.
Food Cravings? Just feeling thirsty. 
What I Miss?Cuddling with the man and being able to keep up with Tucker
Symptoms? Hello cankles!
Belly Button? Popped!!
Best Moment of the Week? My mother-in-law made a quilt for the babies room and we got to put it on this weekend, I love it! The man has also been working his behind off on finishing Tucker's future bedroom, this weekend it really came together!!

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The Southbay Newlyweds said...

almost there!!!!! im thirsty too!!!