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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The I thought he'd be here

I'm trying not to dwell on the fact that I'm still pregnant. That I thought for sure this little guy was going to come early, then I thought maybe on his due date, then I thought today. Twelve is my birth date and Tucker's.
When I was with my doctor on Monday I tried to stay upbeat, I even laughed it off when she said he seemed to be pretty comfy. However, the past two days have been tough. I take Tucker to school in the morning and then I'm on my own until 2:30 when I go to get him. I planned my maternity leave thinking that this week I'd be home with a newborn, not by myself. We get phone calls, e-mails, texts, Facebook messages everyday, it's so sweet the number of people who are just as ready as we are.

I've been trying to find something small to do each day. I read blogs, check e-mails, do a craft, laundry, just something. I saw this on etsy and am attempting to make my own-
This "S" kicks mine to the curb but I still like it! 

The Man has been AMAZING. Monday night I had a little break down but the Man was right there. He's with me every night when we go for a walk and texts me throughout the day while at work. I know he's just as anxious as I am. Even Tucker has realized that we thought the baby would be here by now. 

I just keep telling myself, he's developing more inside me. I'm getting some good relaxation in before the exhaustion sets in. That I can do this until next Friday, if I have to ;)

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