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Monday, April 20, 2015

Count it down!

This morning I woke up thinking three school days! THREE SCHOOL DAYS! 

It's too early to count down to summer, but it's not too early to count down until NYC!

Today and tomorrow are filled with state math tests for sixth grade, make-ups for other grades, schedule changes, tutoring before and after school, sub plans, meetings, and laundry. But I sort of don't care. That's lie, I really care and it's helping keep me busy rather than stare at the clock counting down the hours. Today was an insane day at school and I hit my step goal early, that's a perk!

Anyway, let's talk NYC! It's a girls weekend with my mom, cousins, and aunts, nine of us total.

I can't wait to hit:

 Central Park- I've been to the city twice but never ad a chance to walk through it.
Dylan's Candy Bar- my nephew's name is Dylan and this play is so much fun.
We're seeing a Broadway play!

 I'm SO excited about MoMA! I will go by myself if I have to!

Two more school days to go, then airport HERE WE COME!

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