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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2013!! What an amazing year it should be!

2012 was an up and down year I think for everyone. I think there were some great achievements and events that occurred but sadly there were also some devastating moments. 

Last year (so weird to say that already) brought many moments to our home!

The Man, Tucker, and I took a little weekend trip to enjoy some time as a family of three.

We welcomed Ryker in April! What an AMAZING event!
We went to our first MLB game! Go TWINS!

Tucker started first grade! 

The Man started his last year of school, the end is coming, I'm not sure who's more excited- me or him.
Tucker was asked to be on homecoming court! Such an honor for him!

We (more the Man, than me) started finishing our basement.

Ryker's nursery was put together and completed on time!

It was an amazing year, I hope 2013 brings just as much, if not more! Happy New Year! 

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