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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Meet the newest member of our family!

The Man and I have talked about having a pet for the boys since before having Ryker. We're definetly dog people, but had thought that we'd wait until moving into a different house with more yard space. But then a co-worker got a black lab. And we fell in love with the idea of having our own puppy one day.

A couple weeks ago the Man went in to pay for gas and saw a sign about puppies for sale. Lots of texting went back and forth that day. Could we take on a dog? Would Tucker want one? Was he ready for one? What would we do during the day? That night we also talked with our parents and they were all for it. So the hunt began!

By the next evening we made a phone call, two hours later we had a date set to get our puppy.
Bane, is a male yellow lab. He's very sweet, calm, not a barker (yet), and great with the boys. Since we got him at 14 weeks, he was familiar with the kennel and doing okay with potty training. Luckily his accidents are in the garage but that's totally fine.

All I know is that I have one little guy who's in love. He's learning to take Bane for walks. Most of all, I've already seen a gain in his confidence. We're hoping that it helps our sensitive boy break out of his shell a bit more. I think they're already best friends.

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