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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Boys Christmas List

This year I'm trying to stay close to this idea I saw floating around:

Tucker is 9, he asked for a snowmobile. Tucker is NOT getting a snowmobile, nice try buddy!

Here are his goods- 

The book is a toss up between a "Big Nate" or "Spirit Animal" both are series he likes but I just have to pick it!

Ryker, who's two, hasn't written out a list, so Santa will have to do his best. 

Book bag, sweatshirt, DVD player, book (TBD)

Ryker's book will be Elmo most likely or an animal book of some kind.

Stocking stuffers always involved a DVD, this year-

 Planes: Fire and Rescue   and  How to Train Your Dragon 2

Hopefully they enjoy it all! 

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