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Monday, January 19, 2015

Job title

I am so in love with my new job this year. I completed my Reading Certificate in August, but I knew at the end of the school year I was switching to a new position. I left a classroom and moved to an office. A windowless, three chairs,  used to be the "calm down room" office. I've slowly made it mine but you really can't hide the pipes in the corner (I'm not taking a picture, because the space can't dampen my love).

From our initial conversation to today, my job has changed. I already have ideas of how I'd like to tweak it for next year! My job has two parts I am a Literacy Specialist and the Reading Interventionist for our 6-12 building.

I started the year working with our Social Studies and PE/Health PLC's to ensure they were implementing the reading and writing standards within the content areas. While one group has said they are assigning lots of various writing I've started to realize that they're standard of writing and where our district hopes for them to be don't align. Currently, I've also been helping our English department work on the Essential Outcomes, which will hopefully progress to assessment and intervention planing based on those scores.

I have been working closely with a 12th grade teacher and his class to adjust the content to hit the needs he has encountered with his group. We had to really look at the books he preferred to teach, then find additional resources that could replace them because they weren't right for the class. I've also been working with him to have more writing work.

I feel like I am going to be comfortable looking at our results from this year's testing and then addressing our staff as to what we should focus on and do to ensure we meet our district goals. We have some great teachers in our building but I don't feel that we're hitting what we need to the best of our abilities.

After all the research and additional text I've been finding I've really fallen in love with teaching reading. What many see as a basic skill can be so hard for some students. What's even more worrisome is that we have students that have fallen through the cracks for many years, hit high school, and just can't do. I don't think any one specific grade or teacher is to blame. I have seen so many victories from teachers who work together. This year has really allowed me to branch out and really have fun again at work. Bring on the second half of the year!

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