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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Five on Friday (kind of)

Hey it's Saturday, which means I should get going on Five on Friday.

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5. Christmas 
We were blessed with many gifts this year, the boys will definitely be set in the clothing department. A few things Santa brought were a beanbag, books, bike, and stuffed stockings for the boys. They were very content.

4. Teaching goal
My goal this year is to put myself out there more. Both in the real world and online, I'm working on starting up a TPT store and hope to build more connections both locally and farther away.  Stayed tuned for more news on that hopefully.

3. Personal Goal

I worked a lot over break and throughout the last year to really examine where our money is going. From that and from doing some research of the Dave Ramsey materials the Man and I are really going to focus on spending our money right. We have goals set for ourselves and have completed Baby step #1, only we felt comfortable with a different number so we saved a little more.

2. Questioning the future
Another discussion that we had, on Christmas Eve actually, was about baby #3. I brought it up and we had an honest discussion about it. I hadn't realized how much I really planned for a third baby, how much I had built the idea up in my head. As we discussed our goals and where we saw ourselves and when, some things would really need to change for it to be feasible to have a third. Needless to say, I was a little sad over Christmas, then mad at myself for being so greedy and unappreciative of the two blessings we already have. I gave myself a few days to find peace and re-examine my perspective. It's not to say that it definitely won't happen but it's closer to not than will happen.

1. Hitting the pavement

I got some new running pants and today was a gorgeous day to try them out. It was the best run I've had in a really long time. I only went a total of two miles but I felt great the whole time, did some stretching when I got home, and even now still feel really good.

Happy 2015!

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