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Friday, March 20, 2009

Something That Bothers Me

So tonight, our annual Friday "date" night to Target, I realized something that drives me while waiting in line. My guy and I were excited to pick out a gift for our friends shower in a couple weeks. We're pretty close with the couple and we knew we'd be picking something good. My guy put our son in a cart and we waited for a bit while a couple were on one machine and a woman was working on another. After a bit my guy was bored so he headed over to the DVD section with our son. About this time the woman finishes printing her list. The couple is trying to set up their baby registry so I knew it would be a bit. The third machine mean while is broken. I'm clearly waiting patiently for this woman to collect her sheets and walk away. She stood at the machine no joke, FIVE more minutes just looking at her sheets. By now there was another person waiting. She looks up at the two of us, smiles, and begins to read AGAIN! Not only does she stand blocking the machine, she leans on it while resting!

Luckily, although it was kinda mean, the person behind me said, "Do you mind? How about we switch spots? You lean on the counter and we'll use the machine." The machine hog looked around like- "Oh, I'm in the way?!?!" Laughed and walked out.

Happily I printed the list, collected the sheets and WALKED away. We found a great gift that hopefully the couple loves. Note to self- Don't be a machine hog:)

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