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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday

For the last few Wednesdays I've been following Babbling Abby's fashion posts.

While I clearly have to figure out the lighting for this new endeavor I think it's kind of interesting to look back on what I've worn.
 #1 Casual Friday
Top: Old Navy (super comfy, would be great with leggings)
Bottoms: AE Boyfriends (love)

 #2 Empire Love
  Top: Gap (the Man spotted this and knew I had already been lusting it)
Bottoms: Ankle slacks from NY and Co. (these are super old, but they've never faded and I could wear them all year except that they're a little short)

 #3 Channeling a Zebra
Top: NY and Co (every year they come out with new colors of these shirts and every year I pick up a couple)
Cardigan: NY and Co (the high school girls loved the sweater this day, its was a little odd being stopped in the hall by them)
Bottom: Gap Trouser pant (circa "08, much different fit than this years)

#4 Finally Boot time

Top: Gap (this is so old, but they haven't had a 3/4 in SO long)
Bottom: Gap 
Necklace: NY and Co

#5 Fall back

Top: Gap (favorite sweater EVER. So wish I had bought every color made, I can wear this with everything!!)
Bottoms: Gap trouser (these actually have a pattern that isn't captured, but I love them)

Okay so after looking back, can you tell where my part-time job is? HMMMM, could it be the Gap? Alright, I'm off to make a science method quiz- fun, fun!!

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