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Monday, April 25, 2011

30 Before 30

As 27 is coming up soon (okay September, but it's in this year at least) I started thinking about what I'd like to do before 3-0! Here are some things I'd like to do, in no particular order:

1. Paint the inside of our house. We have one color in every room, it was ideal when we were building- not any more.

2. Take Tucker on a family vacation.

3. Conceive #2.

4. Finalize our will. We need to get this one done soon!!!

5. Buy a wonderful pair of designer shoes.

6. Go to another NASCAR race. Don't hate!

7. Host a holiday get-together at our house.

8. Stop worrying about what everything thinks, maybe shorten the list to what some people think.

9. Teach Tucker to tie his shoes.

10. Continue yoga on a weekly basis.

11. Another trip to Kentucky- its been WAY too long!

12. Paint an original water color for our living room wall.

13. Go on a ride-along with a local police officer. I'd like to have a real idea of what the Man will be doing at work.

14. Completely "do-up" my walk in closet!

15. Go somewhere hot and sandy with the Man only.

16. Set up Tucker's education fund.

17. Play a round of golf with the Man- it's not that I can't golf, but that's a lot of golf and i have a short attention span.

18. Another tattoo?  in celebration of #2 of course.

19. Pay off my car.

20. Read, read, and read some more.

21. Run a 10k.

22. Win more than $4 from our Power ball tickets (this leaves more to chance, but I can try)

23. Lose the weight from #2.

24. Finish our basement completely.

25. Spend a night at a B&B up north.

26. Cook a whole meal from scratch.

27.  Die my hair- or highlights. I'm not sure a color, but the Man has kind of hinted and I'd like to try something different even for just a little bit.

28. Add landscaping to the front and back yard.

29. For one year, see a movie in the theater each month- I miss going to the movies

30. Do something spontaneous- this is open-ended I know, but I'm a planner. I don't usually just "do things".

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