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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Job changes!

I'm on the Move!

I might have mentioned it before, maybe, but the school I've been teaching at for the last six years was about a 25 minute drive away. Definitely not horrible, but also not convenient if I ever forgot anything or just wanted to work at school for a little bit. I also knew that there wouldn't be a lot of movement within the district. There are only two buildings and if I were to head back into a classroom I think it would come with mixed criticism from some of my colleagues. While I loved some of the staff, our building wasn't very supportive. I know that everyone had the same goal of teaching students but we just struggled with our overall culture. My administrators always had my back and supported me, I loved our students and parents so the decision to move was always wavering.

Except when it came to the school district close to our home. While it isn't our local district, it's so close. Seven minutes close! There are a lot benefits to the district, not only for me but for the boys too. They offer more sports and their academics are driven.

I'm excited for a new challenge, but I'm worried about meeting the level of rigor that the school strives for. I'm teaching an English 9 class for 25 lowest achieving students, a accelerated English 10 class, then a couple electives.

 I know I can pick up the classes, the curriculum piece at least I know will come. I'm worried about my adjustment to teaching high school classes full time. I popped into a few classes last year and led some lessons, but this is different. I'm also going to be working on some college credits because I'm teaching on a variance. When I applied I was under the idea that I was licensed to teach English at the high school level, I was told that by our state licensing last year, however it turns out I'm only licensed to teach Reading. So I'm waiting to hear from two universities that I've attended. Hopefully plenty of my previous credits will count and I don't have to start over.

Either way this is a huge benefit for our family and I'm excited for the future! Onto bigger and better!

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