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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Two days down, three to go!

Those who have been in the public schools within the last 10 some years probably remember standardized testing. Flash forward to today, STILL testing. Being on the other side as the teacher, there's so much crap to these things.

First off, these tests are all still paper. Mind you these aren't thin tests either, our grade level test book is well over 50. Answer sheet is about 20. I can't tell you exactly because we are sworn not to go though tests, which I DIDN'T!! This info is part of the directions.

Second, do you know how many resources are involved with all the planning? So many school districts are going through budget cuts and laying of teachers. Still kids are given food, snacks, pencils, highlighters, new calculators, this is just in our area. This is just infuriating sometimes!

These are the times I remind myself of all the other times when I love teaching and the school that I'm in. Also when I remind myself to find other ways of testing kids!

Did anyone else just HATE standardized tests?

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