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Friday, April 24, 2009

Kids these days....

Why on earth would someone have a picture like this on their blog? Let me tell ya. In fifth grade our standards say that students should be knowledgeable about the human reproductive systems. The Unit is called Family Life however, we aren't allowed to go to in depth about intercourse. Basically, men make the sperm, women make the egg they meet in the uterus and a baby is made (very quick version).
Yesterday and today we spent a LOT of time on the female system. My students hardly knew anything about the uterus. They asked so many great questions, they were so inquisitive. But it made me think, what are these parents teaching their children- NOTHING!
Today we discussed the umbilical cord for 15 minutes. They'd never heard how the cord forms the belly button. They were shocked how its actually still connected to the mom during birth and its cut.
If you're reading this and have kids, thinking about kids, or might possible just maybe have a kid. Be practical, sex ed is a part of life. Teaching your child about their body doesn't have to be embarrassing. If how its taught and the content. I realize you have to be a certain age for certain topics, but don't put it off and wait for the teacher to do it. You're the parent- be the parent.
Okay, I'm officially getting off my soap box and going to play outside with my little man.

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