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Monday, December 20, 2010

Early Release? Yes, please.

We are literally getting dumped on again today, so to protect our begging , nagging, complaining, weather watching students we had an early dismissal- YEAH! So I packed up some easy papers to grade, which will most likely stay in my bag tonight and headed home- safely- to pick up my cutie!  A picture of the dumping, yep, you're looking at over 2 feet of snow already.
Now, that's not all from today but the last two weeks. Don't fret, I took the picture for our entry window, no cold toes or nose necessary.

I finally had some time so I got some pics of the decor around our house.
 I love these trees! They fit perfectly in our entry way without being in the way. Although I need something good to hang on the wall. Since we don't have a mantle and our fridge is covered with Tucker's art (yep that's his head) I've been hanging our cards off the island. Is your island a catch-all too?
I put our Willow Tree Nativity set in our dining room and my ornament decor took over the bookshelf. I'm dying for a fake mantle as there's no way to actually add a fire place. Our tree is missing a topper. We had one that I made a few years back but I'm just not digging it. I've yet to find "the one" that shouts, "Put me on your tree!"

Well, I'm off! The dryer chimed and I have presents for my paras to wrap. Enjoy the week friends.

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