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Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's SUMMA Time!

School is out, so exciting! So what's more my style than a list of what we're hoping to get done this summer.
Let the fun begin-
  • Finish the 5 (yes FIVE) posts that I started throughout the last two weeks and POST them
  • Take Tucker swimming
  • Run at least 4 times a week
  • Make dinner more often
  • Have more people over this summer
  • Play golf with the Man
  • Clean out Tucker's closet- I've been closing the doors to avoid it for the last month
  • Maybe, just maybe, paint a room
  • Hang out at the library a bit
  • lots of playtime outside
  • conceive #2 (that's one of the future posts)
  • go through "stuff" taking up space in the basement
  • have a couple date nights
  • catch up on some movies that we missed during the school year
Um, yeah so our summer is like 79 days. Our superintendent shared that fact at our end-of-the-year breakfast. Nice right? We'll get it done, at least the good stuff.

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