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Thursday, September 1, 2011

MIA and Days 5 & 6

So onto our catch up- 

Six places: I'm taking this as six places I'd love to go-
1. The beach- family trip. I can't wait to show Tucker the ocean!
2. BoraBora- this would be just with the Man, these huts look amazing
3. New Orleans- the Man has been, but I'd still like to see it
4. Outer Bank- I was born in NC but don't remember any of our trips to the beaches
5. England- our neighbor's wife is from England and he talks all the time about things they've seen, I'd love the chance to get it out.
6. Montana- the Man and Tucker have now been there. I would love to see everything on our way their and the state itself.

Five foods: How about the foods that I still have an interest in since getting pregnant.
1. Chipotle- bowls or burritos are still so yummy, and the chips!!
2. Vanilla milkshakes, my go to when nothing else sounds good
3. Jerky- Can't explain it, but so far when I feel like my stomach might implode or something this helps
4. Ramon noodles/ grilled cheese- I've had these for lunch a few times, a little bit of a carbo load, yes, but again, it works
5. Decaf coffee- my doc and I chatted about this one, since there's so little caffeine and I only have one cup in the morning there's no problem with it.

Any other prego food quirks out there?

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