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Monday, October 3, 2011

These are my confessions....

I thought what Gina did was super cute, and like everyone else, we all have our own confessions.
  • I may have felt bad enough this weekend to just lie on the floor while Jeff made lunch. Literally, I felt like death. 
  • I'm afraid of getting too excited for a girl. We have so much for a boy and I think Tucker will absolutely be an amazing older brother. I know I'll be over the moon either way, but I'm afraid- what if I might not be?
  • Today I forgot Tucker's library book and nap towel. Bad mama moment. 
  • I was on the phone with a parent for 35 minutes after school today, past work hours. After 20 minutes I just wanted to say, "I didn't call for your life story. I'm concerned for your CHILD, not you!" I think she felt better though.
  • Today a student gave an answer that made me want to jump for joy, I felt tears coming (darn, hormones.) But they're learning!!
  • My next appointment isn't until next Monday, six weeks from my first. I can't wait to see how big the babe has gotten. I think about how much its changed and I want a new picture to hang.
  • After fighting a rough cold for the last three days I woke up in worry twice afraid the baby didn't get what it needed this weekend. I've been jugging fluids big time!
  • I'm already ready for Friday. Bring it!

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