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Friday, September 6, 2013

Five on Friday!

It's my second Five on Friday but what an amazing day it's been!

5. I'm ready for fall! I brought some stuff out last weekend, but this weekend I want to get all my fall decor out and set. I don't go too overboard but I would love to have something similar to this eventually. 


4. Last night was a fabulous run! I was dog tired all day but told myself that I had to get this long run done. And let me tell you, I felt so good. I actually added a little bit so that I made it the whole five miles. While this might not sound like a whole lot, it's a great distance for me.

3.  This morning I called in to our local radio show and won!! They host a game called, "Fact or Bull Crap", they give you a statement and you say if its a fact or bull crap. the topic was football. Nothing about players or teams, but average punt returns, number of safeties, way out of my league, but I guessed myself through it and won.

2. I started our cleaning list in the middle of August, but it's no where near done. Cleaning with two boys in the house wasn't worth the struggle somedays. This isn't just a vacuum and dust list, this is my extensive, top-to-bottom touch everything list. Hopefully I'll finish before the next time I hope to start it.

1. Today marks the end of our first week of school! Whoop, Whoop! One week closer to first break. Only kidding, I think I have a good class this year. We'll see how they all shake out throughout the year.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Kitty and June said...

I love those candle! Simple and chic! Have a great weekend!