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Thursday, May 21, 2009

I think I'm getting hosed!

I've known this whole year that I won't get to stay in my classroom. The program I'm in promises a year placement. If the district hadn't cut so many jobs there was the prospect of a job for next year. So today I attended a meeting where they talked with the teachers who are moving out of their rooms, there's 7 of us!!

I have to inventory ALL the books and materials. All of the teaching materials have to be organized and accounted. The things that sucks is that I have to clean out the entire room, and its truly not my room. So hearing that first thing this morning was a little disheartening. Luckily teaching fifth grade means my kids can help somewhat.

Anyways, the rest of my bridesmaid things came in today. Since I know they don't read this, I'll share the gift. I'm only having a matron of honor, but my sister-in-law to be who I LOVE LOVE is included, she's doing all of our flowers, TONS of them. Anyways, the girls are getting a LL Bean canvas bag with a light green handle. Inside they'll get pink with white polka dot flip-flops, and a small Vera Bradley bag. I love Vera Bradley and I wanted to share something original that the girls would remember us by without doing something engraved or anything like that. I plan to write a personal note to each one and maybe add some other fun thing. Hopefully they'll like it.

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