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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Success, maybe.

So today I'm not as sore- don't get me wrong, I'm sore- but it's not as bad. Our team went bowling yesterday against our Media Specialists ( what used to be librarians). Our team actually won! I think the game actually helped, I stretched out my arms a bit. I did however end up asking for a 6 lbs ball. How sad is that? I can carry our son who's 36lbs out of the mall, with a tea in hand and my purse, but not toss a heavy ball.

Today we sent out our invites for our Bachelor/ Bachelorette party. The man and I actually decided to have a joint party. We're going paint balling then grilling out at our future in-laws house. This is when I really wish we had our own place, I'm dying to be a hostess!! So the mall trip was needed today, I had to drop off invites to a few girls I worked with at Gap. I'm getting so excited for our day. I wanted to have fun and be relaxed but there aren't any decent clubs in town where random gross men don't try and rub up on you. The man really had reservations about a drinking/ partying night with the girls and I respect that. I know he trusts me, but some of the girls invited can be CRAZY!! This way we get to spend our weekend still together and have a great time.

My first shower is this Monday and I'm so excited!! I cheated and peeked at our registry- just doing a bit of editing, but not really- and we're getting some good stuff. I'm terrible at surprises, I'm fine with knowing everything we're getting in advance. I can also honestly say that I'm still so excited when I open things, there's no faking. I am also so excited for our friends reception on Saturday. A weekend full of our favorite people, we'll be busy but I LOVE IT!!

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