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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Teacher for HIRE!

I feel like I've completed stopped worrying about some of the teaching things I should be. I still teach my students, plan great lessons, we still have great discussions and the students continue to learn. But I know that things have changed.

I know that are school district isn't hiring next year. They've actually laid off about 78 in just teachers. Its a larger district but that's still a lot. I feel like all I've done is apply and still no call backs. My advisor wrote me an amazing recommendation, my team mates wrote a great one and so did our assistant principal. I've had multiple people look at my resume and cover letter to check for errors. I can't help but ask, what is it that they don't like?

It's just frustrating. My guy and I have plans and my having a job would be great to help out. We'd like to buy a house while the market is still in our favor. When will our future just begin?

On a happier note. Last night my matron of honor came over and we put all of our invites for the wedding together. They look so good I just want go ahead and mail them right now! I'm meeting with the new owners who just bought out our reception site to see what changes they're making next Wednesday.

Tonight was also my last seminar for my Master's program. We have 19 more days of school and a week after that we begin our summer classes. It's so crazy how fast the year went, but it was so great. I will miss my school and my kids. But summer, I REALLY can't wait for!!

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