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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Catch up

How is it that I can make time to follow-up on my favorite blogs, but not write my own. Hmmm,

This morning I was supposed to teach swim lessons. I might not have mentioned that, but I've been swimming since sixth grade, teaching lessons since eighth and I coached in and after high school. Swimming I know pretty well. Anyways, for the last three summers I've been using the Man's bosses home pool to teach lessons. The Man works at a Pool and Spa place, small family business that does work all around our area. His boss and wife are really nice and they've been kind enough to let me use their pool. Last summer I was sure it was going to be my last, but with my altered schedule I had seven days open. I got my two favorite families all lined up. Sure enough last night the boss' wife calls, their teenage daughter decided to have a sleep over and they're going to camp out- THANKS!

The Man and I keep talking that when we buy our house we'll look at building a pool. Our city is perfect for private lessons so we'd pay it off in a summer or two. We just have to buy a house, which means I just have to get a job. The Man who's very calm about the whole situation knows that it will all work out, deep down I know that it will too. I'm just ready to get started.

Wedding wise:
This week I'm starting to work on our programs, again a DIY project. I think that's part of my favorite aspect of our wedding. We're doing so much ourselves, there's meaning behind it all. At times it's consuming, but I love all of it.

I'm also going to practice making the cookies for our favors. We have a couple of different sugar cookie recipes that should be good. Only 400 some to make!

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Anonymous said...

I love that you're doing a lot of DIY projects. We plan to do that as well. It deifnitely adds more personal touch and it's unique!