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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Power of Target

What is it about Target? You go in for one or two things, you walk away with five or ten. Today, while running errands with my mom and son we popped into our favorite store. I went in for this:

My favorite face lotion. Recommended by my dermatologist in high school. I had rough skin in high school, I was an extremely active swimmer and acne runs in the family so I needed some help in the face department. Anyways, so I went in for some of the BEST LOTION EVER! Not greasy, and it actually moisturizes. I use it in the morning and at night. Dry skin is a thing of the past.

We ended up taking home:

This blue one was only $10!! I'm going to wear it Saturday for our Couples wedding shower.

This pink on was $24. Perfect for the rehearsal dinner. It'll be nice and cool, perfect colors too.

This afternoon I'm heading out to the Man's parents house where the wedding's going to be. We planted the pots for reception. I can't wait to check up on them and she how they're growing.

Alright, I'm supposed to be adding to an online discussion which I've procrastinated since yesterday afternoon- whoops :)

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Jessica Condatore said...

cute dresses! Thank you for your kind comments about my redesign of Prettyinpinkmegan.com! If you are interested in a new header, I would love to chat with you about doing one. Jessica@thelovelist.net :)