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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hiatus- over!

So I survived the field trip. It was amazing. The students were all so great and well- behaved, we had the typical fifth grade issues but nothing too serious. The parents that helped us out where so wonderful. We did have one mom who was kinda weird (there's always one). A couple of parents even took the time to say how much they enjoyed their students being in my class and the work that I've put in. I know I'm still a new teacher, but being in the position of not knowing if I'll have a job next year or where I'll be working. These are things I need to hear every now and then to remind me I'm in the right profession.

So we left Monday early morning and returned Wednesday afternoon. After all the kids were picked up, stuff was put away, I went and got myself one of these babies.
A Venti- black ice tea sweetened- YUM! I also picked up a chocolate cookie. I know, I know, wedding in about 50 days but sometimes a break is needed.
Thursday afternoon was fifth grade recognition. Which was kind of a graduation for the kids even though they aren't done until Tuesday. Then Friday we had another trip to a fish hatchery. We took the kids to where our state breeds fish to stock our 10,000 lakes. They had lunch then we took them fishing. We didn't really catch anything but it was a great time. I did however realize again how horrible a person one of the other teachers is. A student who is considered special ed, who's shown little improvement in math all year had a lot of homework that he hadn't completed. For one, he didn't know how to do it. Two, because of the way this teacher had treated him he didn't care. So this teacher made him sit under a tree and complete his work instead of fish. This is a student that has never been fishing and will probably never get to go again. URGH!! I can not stand this woman, seriously she makes the teaching profession look so bad.

Onto better things the Man and I went out to wedding this evening. I think we clean up nice.
The wedding was supposed to be outdoors but it rained all day and all evening. Luckily it was a small wedding and they had the ceremony in the house. A great preview and reminder to us that we need a back up plan especially since ours is outdoors. I did however where the bra I plan to wear under my wedding dress and it felt good. One less thing to worry about.

I can't believe our day is 49 days out. We did something really exciting this morning- WE MAILED THE INVITES. So exciting, I was peeved we had to add an ugly Ram stamp because of the additional weight. We were .1 oz over. I had the pre-weighed but the address label apparently was really heavy, who would have thought? At least the inside is beautiful. Here's our pics I made the Man snap, he thinks I'm crazy. Oh well.

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