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Monday, September 14, 2009

Crazy weekend

So Saturday was my birthday and I must say my hubby is awesome. I just love the guy! We set up my itouch, put on a bunch of new songs, and went for a drive to see how it sounded in the car, okay that was our excuse to get outta the house. Dinner was fantastic. We had bacon wrapped steaks, grilled to perfection. We had a lot of company over because of the baby shower we threw for my cousin, so it was tiny bit annoying to be enjoying a nice dinner and my relatives who can't seem to talk in a normal "indoor" voice yelling in the background.

The shower on Sunday was great. We had three new babies there under 3 months, all so cute! Another reminder that I really, really want baby #2. The Man did great, usual my family can bother him, they can pushy although they are great. He's from an extremely welcoming family that you rarely if ever find drama. My family can feed on drama some times. Although lately its gotten much better. With some health scares and life changes our family has come together for each other which I love, love. Anyways, the shower was fun my cousin took home some great swag for her daughter- Madden.

After the shower we headed out to my in-laws. My FIL made juicy Lucy's- YUM!!! It's a hamburger with the cheese grilled inside so it becomes so juicy and cheesy- mouth watering good. they gave a gift card to Barnes and Noble and some cash, my fav! We walked around their annual flea-market/ out door yard sale they have in town. It's one of those hit and miss things. You can find great antiques and homemade furniture and house things, but also a ton of just junk people try to sell. I kept seeing stuff I would love to decorate our house with. Crossing our fingers that the bank calls today to set up a meeting to find out what we qualify for or if they need any other information.

On a sad note, my grandma fell yesterday while in Vegas. She went down with her brother and sister-in-law for a funeral, while in a restaurant she caught a step wrong and fell. So she's all the way down in Vegas while the majority of her 12 children are up north. She's getting a hip replacement and we don't know too much more yet. My mom is pretty much the medical go-to in our family so she was on the phone a lot last night. An injury like this can lead to a down-hill spiral for an elderly person so we're really trying to stay hopeful and praying for the best.

Did anyone watch the VMA's last night? Kanye West needs a class in manners. Taylor Swift won the award, yeah I was really shocked, I didn't think Beyonce would take it but for him to stand up and put her down like that rude. His apology was put on his website. I'm sure his PR crew had nothing to do with it. Overall the show was great, Lady Gaga a bit odd but no shocker there.

Anyways, today's looking good. Happy Monday all!

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