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Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's been forever.

I just noticed when signing on that I haven't posted in almost two weeks! That's forever- especially since I read my favorite blogs daily. We have been a little busy as of late, I'm not usually a down kind of person. I'm an optimistic, I love to laugh and I do have my bad days, but I don't ever remember being this kind of "off".

This last week was our first week of school, so the previous week was welcome back for teachers, the week before that was new teacher orientation. So I like the new district that I'm in. Very much smaller than last year's I still live in the same city. My daily commute is about 20 minutes, from an almost busy city to a farming community. I grew up more as a city kinda girl so its a little difficult getting used to the population and where some of my kids come from- it's just different.

The past three weeks have kinda led me to continually feeling down. These are a couple of issues I've had:
-missing half of my students desks- they weren't ordered until the month school started back it's been a week and still I have high school desks in my sixth grade room
-not having a working computer/e-mail/ tech stuff until the second week of teacher work days
-not having additional furniture in my room- ex. filing cabinet, reading table, extra chairs
-not being able to get a straight answer without pretty much stalking or badgering people
-having my team switch our math curriculum three days before school starts
-not getting ANY training on the tech programs our school uses

Last year I felt like I was in training all the time before school started, but I was completely prepared. This year, I've had little to no training and when I ask people for help they make round about answers the don't actually answer my question or direct me to someone else who doesn't know. I'm just frustrated at how disorganized our school can be. We've had high test scores on our state testing so teaching wise they must be doing something right. When it comes to orienting teachers- not so much. I've already said that I would love to be on next year's welcoming committee.

I'm trying to become more optimistic I have more freedom in what and how I teach this year which is great. But its seems like with every positive I can think of there are two negatives.

This weekend I've set myself to turn around. It's my 25th birthday. The Man is spoiling me which I love! He's making a steak dinner- so YUM! Some people like to go out, I love when the Man grills, he's such a master, mmmmmmm!! I just love it. He also surprised me with an itouch. We're kinda budgeting now in hops of saving more towards our down payment. I loved it, I had kinda set myself on getting a watch so I was really surprised when I opened the gift. He's such a sweetie and I need to do a better job at appreciating him, I'm just so lucky to have married such an all around good guy.

So I'm heading out with the little man to play cars and enjoying a yummy dinner. Stay tuned for our home shopping news. nope we haven't picked one yet.

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