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Monday, September 21, 2009

Our weekend

Note to all you ladies out there: if you don't like crazy, odd sounding aliens, that spurt nasty goo when injured this movie is NOT for you. I don't mind scary movies, I actually like them, however, scary aliens or living dead is not for me. I assure you, this DVD will NEVER be in our house.

My parents took our son to an Apple Festival so the Man and I had a night out. I love, love going to movie theaters, hubby hates it. So to be fair I let him pick the movie. He picked District 9. At one point I literally covered my eyes and plugged my ears. A couple of times covering my eyes was fine. Yes I know this sounds immature but really, I didn't want to see what was going on. The Man asked if I wanted to go but the movie seemed to be getting a bit better, so I said no. OMG, it got worse. I pleaded inside my head for him to ask me again, but alas he didn't. I figured that we paid for the movie, he seemed to be enjoying it, I at least could suck it up and watch. I will NOT be doing that again for a while. My loving hubby is going to take me to a "chick flick" this Wednesday to make up for it. Our first "chick flick" ever together.

On a better note I found this CD this weekend among our collection:

I love Madonna, okay I love some of Madonna. This album came out when I was super little. I used to listen to it on my cassette player all the time. My brother would hide it just so I would take break. My parents still joke that I went around singing, "Papa, don't' preach". A bit embarrassing for them being that I was about 4 and would sing it ALL THE TIME, grocery stores in particular. Just imagine a four year old, southern, twangy girl in the middle of the aisle singing, "I'm gonna keep my baby". Priceless. Anyways I found the CD this weekend and we jammed while cleaning, I should say I jammed, the Man kind of cringed. Our son loved every moment.

The things we pass on to our children. I swear our children will know good music.

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